5 Ways To Make Your Online Business Look Professional

October 16, 2020
  • Cohesive Brand 

When building an online presence cohesive branding should be a top priority. For example, when looking online for your business your customers should be able to easily identify your brand. In order to keep cohesiveness your logo should be consistent, along with brand colors, and any complimentary fonts. All elements of brand identity should be the same in all platforms to avoid confusion. In avoiding confusion your customers get the right impression of your business. When a brand is not cohesive it can send red flags to shoppers, and decrease credibility. By having a cohesive brand representation on all platforms you ensure credibility with consumers. 

  • High Quality Content 

Did you know that 90 percent of all information that is transmitted into our brains is visual information? With today’s technology evolving faster than we can keep up with,  low quality content is a thing of the past, don’t let your business fall behind! 

By using high quality content you can make sure not to lose your visitors attention before they have wandered to something else without getting to view your media content. On the contrary you should be using these high quality stock visuals to grasp your users attention, learn to use visuals to your advantage.

Here are some sites with FREE High Quality Content that you should be using today!

      • Unsplash.com
            • Images
      • Pexels.com
            • Images, vectors, and free stock videos.
      • Pixabay.com
            • Images, vectors, and free stock videos.
      • Videezy.com
            • Free stock Footage
  • Great Proofreading 

Although it sounds simple, proofreading is of high importance when it comes to your businesses online presence. A cohesive brand shows professionalism, but that can easily be dented by simple things such as grammar mistakes. Before publishing anything make sure to proofread, and if possible ask someone else to go over your writing. This applies when speaking about a blog post or even the most simple post. Bad grammar can be a sign of many things, and when online it can send off signals that there is not enough importance being put into your grammatically incorrect content. 

PRO TIP: If you don’t have an extra set of eyes you can use various programs to spell check, like grammarly which you can easily add as a plug in to your browser.

  • Social Media Engagement 

In case you haven’t noticed, people are on their phones constantly. The Social Media wave came in and it is here to stay, so if you haven’t yet, settle in and jump in! Your online presence is very important when it comes to social media networks. You can use social media as a marketing tool and as part of your marketing strategy. 

Social Media gives your brand a voice, this is a chance to showcase what your business is all about. It is an opportunity to humanize your brand and really connect with your audience. In order to do that, you want to be posting as often as you can because you never know what piece of content may build that connection with your audience.

KEEP IN MIND: Connecting with your audience does not mean making a social media account for every social media platform possible. Doing this may hurt more than do any good. Whichever social platforms you decide to be active on, you need to make sure you are active and keeping your users engaged. After all quality matters more than quantity. 

  • Up-to-Date Website

Keeping your business website up-to-date is a must. Your website represents you, when consumers are directed to your site they should be able to find all the information that they would have if they go into a physical location. That is, if you don’t want to lose business. 

A responsive website is of vital importance because you never know on what devices your audience is viewing your content. Is it a desktop, phone, maybe a tablet? Have you ever been on a website on your phone and you are forced to zoom in to find what you are looking for? That can be time consuming and annoying for the consumer. Having a responsive website allows consumers to view your site on any device. Your website will respond according to the device so that users can view the content comfortably. Not having a responsive website can hurt your business because consumers can easily go back and find a more user-friendly and easy to use site. 

Having an out-of-date site can send signals to your audience that you don’t care enough about your business, it shows a lack of professionalism, and even worse it may lead customers to believe that your business might not exist anymore. Your Audience will easily navigate to another site, which is up to date and establishes their credibility on their online presence. 

PRO TIP: Don’t fall behind! Updating your content regularly not only establishes your credibility, it also helps your google ranking!

How to Make Your Business Stand Out

September 25, 2020

Everywhere we look we are in a sea of competition. The internet is a powerful tool to interact with the world and connect, but you are not the only one on the web. How do you stand out from the rest?


1. Use a Name that Represents your brand well

When choosing a name for your business you should 

      • Make it catchy 
      • Make it short 
      • Make it simple
      • Make it easy to remember. 
      • Check for name translations 
      • Get CREATIVE!

You should probably avoid

      • Attaching a location
      • Difficult Pronunciation 
      • Long Names

After thinking about your company name you should make sure it is not trademarked. Check that the URL you want is available. Social Media marketing is big part of any business so checking for social media handles would also be a good idea. 


2. Personalize your brand

When speaking about brand names what do you usually think about? Right a way a logo pops into our mind or a brand slogan. 

Your brand should 

      • Have a Logo
      • Have a Slogan
      • Show your brands culture

Create a brand experience. Through a range of stimuli that creates a deeper sensory connection with the consumer. Take for example Chik-Fil-A. Best known for their superb customer service, many will go simply because they know they will receive fast and efficient service. The reason to focus on Brand experience is because your brand will not change unless you want it to, Consumers on the other hand are constantly changing, so focusing on your businesses brand experience can prove more valuable than focusing on the consumer experience. How do your customers feel about your brand? One small interaction with the consumer can be very powerful, it can change their whole outlook on your business. 


3. Innovation

The world is constantly changing and evolving, now businesses need to stay up to date in order to keep up with consumer needs and demands. 

Technology plays a vital role in innovation. Whether it is from updating your e-commerce website, building an app to fit consumer trends, or using technology to help during the global pandemic. There is no doubt that it is definitely an ever-changing powerful tool. 

Adaptability goes hand in hand with innovation. Because change is inevitable and will always be around, we must find a way to adapt and innovate in the process. 


4. Relationships

Building strong relationships with your consumers is also crucial in making your business stand out. If consumers have a pleasant experience more like than not they will be back and vice-versa. A bad customer service experience can lead to losing potential customers. This is something to be vigilant for because consumer to consumer marketing is a valuable way to market your business and can drive up sales. 

There is no doubt that we can forge strong business to consumer relationships online, but an in-person experience is extremely valuable. Businesses must always keep in mind that although technology is growing, not everyone in their consumer demographic will fit the online buyer category. Having a physical location will allow you to satisfy all shopping demographics. If you have an e-commerce store having a physical location will add trust to your brand as well as improve customer relations.


5. What makes YOU different?

Figure out what differentiates your business from the rest. Is it product quality? Superior customer service? You can make your business stand out with different platforms, it all depends on your company goals. Whatever channel you use to connect to your consumer, make sure to differentiate yourself form the rest. 


Vinyl Banners vs. Mesh Banners: What Option Is Right for Your Business?

September 15, 2020

Do you have an upcoming event or special sale you want to make sure people know about? If so, you need an advertising medium that is easy to see, highly visible, and that can withstand the elements. 

If you are like most business owners, your mind may automatically go to banners. This is a great option. However, when you begin shopping for banners for your business, you will quickly discover there are two main options – vinyl banners and mesh banners. 

Which one should you choose?

This is a good question. Keep reading to learn about both these materials to find the one that best suits your business’s needs. 

Getting to Know Vinyl Banners 

Vinyl banners are made of synthetic plastic material and are a solid sheet. The material and construction help to make these banners extremely durable, and they easily wick away water. They can also withstand wind and other wear and tear. 

You may often see vinyl banners in high-traffic locations, such as shopping centers and at trade shows. With vinyl banners, a huge benefit is how they can display sharp graphics and vibrant, bold colors. 

Some specific benefits of choosing vinyl banners include:

  • Fast and easy printing process
  • More affordable option
  • Printable on front and back
  • Matte or gloss finish available

While vinyl banners offer many benefits, there are also a few disadvantages you should know about. These include:

  • More likely to be damaged or torn
  • Easily wrinkles 

Getting to Know Mesh Banners 

Mesh banners are designed using woven material. The openings that are found in the weave let air move through it and help to keep the banner stable so people passing by can read what it says. Most companies use mesh banners for advertising outdoors. 

Mesh banners have superior longevity and are versatile. Some of the specific benefits offered by choosing mesh banners include:

  • Longevity
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Air passes through easily
  • Resistant to tearing

Just like with vinyl banners, there are a few disadvantages to know about mesh banners, too. These include:

  • Muted graphics and colors
  • Only printable on one side
  • More expensive

Which Option Is Right for You?

The truth is, both vinyl and mesh banners have their benefits and work in certain situations. You have to consider where the banner is being used and then decide which one will help you best get your message across. 

Regardless of the type of banner, you decide to purchase, make sure you work with a quality printer. This is the only way you can feel confident that your message will be clear and just what you are looking for. 

By considering all the pros and cons of vinyl vs. mesh banners, you should be well-informed and ready to make this important decision. If you are like many business owners, having banners made of both materials will likely prove to be beneficial. If this is the case, get in touch with the professionals today.

What are we doing to help stop the spread of COVID-19 ?

Sept. 14, 2020

The school year has arrived in a blink of an eye. Whether you are a parent, faculty, or a student this years back to school is turning out to be very different than what we have previously experienced. With safety playing a role as the main concern this school year, National Printing has made it our mission to make safety and social distancing our top priority. Given that many campuses have tried to open only to unsuccessfully have to close down and continue school from home, at National Printing we figured out how to make this school year just that much safer.

Our patten-pending sneeze guards are a must for any campus during this pandemic. Our sneeze guards are created for the safety of students and for the tranquility of parents everywhere. Safety measures are proven to reduce the spread of germs, our sneeze guards add a much needed layer of safety and help in minimizing contact. 

Sneeze guards are designed for school desks, and can also be customizable for teacher/staff desks. The sneeze guards go around the desk and can move from table to table with no problem. 

National Printings first priority is safety, to make sure our children are ready to go back to school as safely as possible this year we have also created a Kid Sized Plastic Face Shield, just another layer of protection made specially for your little ones!

Back in Business: Tips on Reopening During the COVID-19 Pandemic

August 14, 2020

Since the start of the COVID-19 health crisis, over 55% of the small businesses in the United States have closed their doors temporarily. In a number of states, businesses are starting to reopen. If you are preparing to reopen the doors of your company’s physical location after a few months closed, you need to figure out how to do this safely.

Reopening your business without a detailed plan can result in a number of mistakes being made. Below are some things you need to do to ensure reopening your company’s physical location is safe.

Reopening your business without a detailed plan can result in a number of mistakes being made. Below are some things you need to do to ensure reopening your company’s physical location is safe.

Provide Your Team With the Personal Protection Equipment

Slowing the spread of harmful germs should be your top concern when reopening a business. While reopening is important, you don’t want to put people in your local area at risk by not working to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. Many states now have a mandatory mask ordinance in place to protect their citizens. Even if your state doesn’t have one of these orders, you need to provide team members with masks and face shields.

Leaving it up to employees to bring in their own masks can be problematic. Rather than having to deal with the aggravation of sending an employee home because they don’t have their required personal protection equipment on, you need to provide them with face masks and shields. With the help of an experienced supplier, getting a good deal on the PPE you need to reopen your business will be easy.

Invest in Social Distancing Signage

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few months, you are well aware of the term social distancing. This term is used to describe CDC recommendations that everyone stays at least six feet apart to prevent the spread of germs. Reminding the individuals entering your recently reopened storefront about the importance of social distancing is easy with the right signage.

Hiring an experienced print shop to create signage that reinforces your stance on social distancing is crucial. You also need to invest in signs that let consumers know that you require face masks to be worn inside of your building. The right signage will help you to inform consumers in an unobtrusive and effective way, which is why it is such a good investment.

Sneeze Guards Can Help Protect Your Employees

If you have a number of employees who interact with the public daily, providing them with the proper protection is important when reopening your physical location. Many retail-based businesses have installed sneeze guards in front of their registers. These guards provide a barrier between the consumer and your employees.

Print shops can customize these sneeze guards with your business logos. This means you can provide adequate protection while reinforcing your brand.

Contact National Printing Today!

Whether you need custom banners, face guards, or slide-in sign frames, the team at National Printing has you covered. Contact us now to find out more about the products we can create or to speak with a member of our staff about placing an order.


Why You Need Custom Banners for Your Business

July 9, 2020

There are several digital marketing tricks available if you’re wondering what the best way to deliver brand awareness is. However, the old-school approach is still one of the best methods. That is why you should promote your business using a banner. You will draw attention to your customers using a banner. They will remember your name when you have your company’s logo, and name printed large on the banner. You can also create more brand awareness by displaying banners around or in front of your physical location. You will boost your marketing efforts exponentially with this method. Read on to know why you need banners for your business.

Banners Are Easy to Print

With technology, it is now easy to print banners. It is easy to produce quality banners with high resolution through digital printing. You can get your custom banners with professional quality fast if you need a last-minute banner. You also have flexibility with digital printing, and you can virtually print anything on your banner. The results are always amazing. You will also have durable banners that can last you for years with digital printing. You will still receive quality for less money since digital printing also makes banners quite inexpensive.

Banners Are Easier to Buy

You can take advantage of having multiple banners if banner marketing has become successful for you. Have many banners around your booth at any event or display them around your shop. Since they are cost-effective and easy, you can order additional banners. As you have the flexibility to change your new banners, you can also keep the same design for any unique banners. The size options are another advantage of having multiple banners. You may want a more prominent banner as a sponsor of an event or smaller banners for your store.

Banners Are Effective Marketing Tools

Before digital marketing, people have been using banners. Banners are still valid now as a form of effective advertising. There are signs everywhere, and people see massive billboards as they move about. They see signs as they drive past businesses, even at obscure places like benches and bus stops. Using signs would be best for your business since people are accustomed to seeing signs. You can easily use custom banners if you can’t afford a bus stop advertisement or an expensive billboard. As you’re promoting brand awareness, you are also using a cost-effective advertising method. Also, you can be creative about it by featuring your company’s slogan and other designs. Doing this will make your customer recognize your company’s image.

Order Your Custom Banner Now

Since they are portable, lightweight, and durable, banners are efficient marketing tools. As you have the option to print them, you can also display them wherever you want. When you contact National Printing today, you can get outdoor banners, mesh banners, retractable banner stands, and much more by ordering them online with free shipping, fast production, save more as you shop more.

How to Create a Safe Environment in Your Manufacturing Facility

June 22, 2020

A recent study found that a workplace accident occurs once every 7 seconds in the United States. As the owner of a manufacturing business, you need to focus on keeping your work environment safe. Most businesses operating in the manufacturing sector are just starting to get back to work due to the COVID-19 health crisis. Before opening your facility backup, you need to put a renewed focus on the safety of your employees. 

With the help of your team and the right safety equipment, keeping workers safe will be a breeze. Read below for information on how to make your manufacturing facility safer. 

Consider the Benefits of Face Shields

If you have lots of team members working in a small space, you need to figure out how to avoid the spread of germs. While face masks are beneficial, some of your employees may not be able to wear them all day. Offering these workers, a great alternative to the face mask is imperative. This is why investing in high-quality face shields is so important. 

Not only can these masks help to reduce the spread of germs, they can also protect the face and eyes of employees who have to work around machines all day. A wayward spark or piece of metal can get lodged in the eye of an employee. Instead of leaving your team vulnerable to these types of accidents, you need to consider the benefits of face shields. 

The Proper Signage Needs To Be In Place

Most manufacturing facilities are filled with danger. This danger can be increased if you fail to warn your team about the hazards around them. For instance, if there are machines that employees need to stay away from to avoid sparks or other hazards, informing them of this danger with a sign is a good idea. The right signs can also come in handy when trying to inform team members about wet floors or slippery staircases. 

Getting the signs you need to keep your team in the loop will require you to find a printing business with experience. Finding out more about a printing company’s reputation and track record can help you figure out if they are the best fit for your needs. 

Perform a Risk Assessment Regularly

Informing your team about the dangers in the workplace is only possible when performing a routine risk assessment. You and trusted members of your team will need to inspect the facility and pinpoint any possible risks in the build. As your business grows and new machines are added to your operation, the risks in your building will change. If you don’t have the time or experience needed to perform these risk assessments, hiring professionals to assist you is wise. 

Let Us Lend You a Hand!

Whether you need quality face shields or affordable signs for your business, National Printing can help. Contact us now for more information about the items we offer. 

Three Cool Types of Products from National Printing

May 18, 2020

What do we do at National Printing? We produce high-quality, colorful display pieces in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and formats.

When you think of a printing shop, what do you think of it? Maybe you think about presentation binders or large-scale industrial banners, or exterior designs flapping in the wind by a busy highway, on the front of a bustling retail center. 

But that’s just part of what we do. Here are three other kinds of products that are more popular than you might think as parts of our regular order fulfillment routine.

Bumper Stickers and Magnets

A bumper sticker is a fundamental way to express yourself if you’re a driver or vehicle owner. It’s an easy way to get your message out to the world, whether you’re stuck in traffic or sitting in a parking lot somewhere.

If you don’t want something so permanent, a magnet allows you to wear your emotions on your sleeve for a specific period of time and then take off the message when you don’t want it publicized anymore. If only you could do that with old tattoos!

We make both of these products with attention to detail and durability so that your bumper stickers and car magnets will stand the test of time.

Window Perforate Items

Another easy way to advertise whatever you want to display is to get window perforate products and roll them onto your window glass.

Attaching these products to home or business windows is simple. We have the necessary equipment to produce these perforated window designs with bold color and crisp, clear graphics, to use a window as a means of advertising whatever you want to say. 

Yard Signs

Anyone who has experience working on a political campaign or even just been a cheerleader for a local candidate will understand the value of the yard sign. So do small business owners who need that extra boost of visibility from a successfully completed client project.

While it may seem easy, there are a few design components that are very important for yard signs. They have to be made of the right materials to hold up under inclement weather because most people aren’t going to pull all their yard signs in every time it rains. They also have to fit those convenient metal holders, or whoever owns them is going to be stuck trying to anchor them against the wind.

Check out our banner and sticker and other print designs, and the quality that we offer as a top printer. National Printing has what you need!

5 Ways Print Can Help Grow Brand

April 15, 2016

People have been discussing how to save print, when the real question should be: How can print help our business?

Yes, it is hard to track the ROI and value of print marketing… if you are only thinking about what the value is for yourself and the bottom line. While ROI and revenue are important, your profits are not your customer or clients priority. Instead consider thinking of your print marketing from their point of view and how something you can produce will show them that you respect and value them and want to deepen the relationship.

Sounds crazy or hokey? Remember that “why we buy” matters, and that there is a psychology behind selling. People buy from brands and individuals, they like, trust and respect. What have you done lately to help your customers like you a bit more?

Showing that you will take the time, money and care to produce something without having to shoehorn a sales pitch into it, can help you connect with your customers/clients. But you don’t have to be completely altruistic, you can give them the opportunity to get more information or resources by visiting your site, joining your mailing list or visiting your store.

What about giving them the means to promote your business for free? A sticker is something that isn’t hard to produce and is inexpensive, and a great way to let your customers market you and support you. It just has to be interesting enough to entice them to do so, which means you’ll want to get creative here.

Another idea would be creating a resource. This doesn’t have to be a boring brochure, it can be a clever bookmark with 10 tips or things your ideal customer would want or need to know. Something they won’t want to lose track of and might entice them to see if more information like this is available from you. This will keep your brand at the top of their mind when it comes time to invest in solving a problem.

Here are 5 Creative Ways Print Can Grow Your Business
  • Create an actual resource for your ideal customer that leads them to your website, or a lead magnet for you email list.
  • Consider using print stickers as a way to generate brand awareness, if appropriate for your brand.
  • Create a physical print book that can help establish your authority and generate revenue.
  • Use printed merchandise to build a sense of community, grow brand awareness and generate video.
  • Create a printed thank you letter to valued customers and clients. Who doesn’t love a thank you?

If growing your business is important to you, then you have to be willing to invest in it and the relationship you have with your customers/clients. Giving value upfront matters to people and they respect and appreciate a brand that goes out of their way to do this. It is the reason you see so many marketers and consultants (like me) giving away great information in blog post, webinars and free email courses.  ROI is return on investment… so figure out what makes the most sense for you to invest in, so you can get the return that you are looking for. Print is still a viable option, when used creatively.

Lego: Imagine

April 14, 2016

Advertising agency: Jung von Matt, Hamburg, Germany

We love smart advertising campaigns. German agency Jung Von Matt has produced the ‘Imagine’ campaign for Lego. The print advertising campaign plays with your imagination. Using only the most basic stones by Lego, the agency has constructed your favorite cartoon characters. With a little bit of imagination you get it and understand the genius behind the campaign.

Do you see The Simpsons, the South Park gang, The Smurfs, The Ninja Turtles, Donald Duck and the fam, Asterix and Obelix and Bert and Ernie?

8 New Graphic Design Trends That Will Take Over 2017

April 14, 2016