5 Ways Print Can Help Grow Brand

5 Ways Print Can Help Grow Brand

People have been discussing how to save print, when the real question should be: How can print help our business?

Yes, it is hard to track the ROI and value of print marketing… if you are only thinking about what the value is for yourself and the bottom line. While ROI and revenue are important, your profits are not your customer or clients priority. Instead consider thinking of your print marketing from their point of view and how something you can produce will show them that you respect and value them and want to deepen the relationship.

Sounds crazy or hokey? Remember that “why we buy” matters, and that there is a psychology behind selling. People buy from brands and individuals, they like, trust and respect. What have you done lately to help your customers like you a bit more?

Showing that you will take the time, money and care to produce something without having to shoehorn a sales pitch into it, can help you connect with your customers/clients. But you don’t have to be completely altruistic, you can give them the opportunity to get more information or resources by visiting your site, joining your mailing list or visiting your store.

What about giving them the means to promote your business for free? A sticker is something that isn’t hard to produce and is inexpensive, and a great way to let your customers market you and support you. It just has to be interesting enough to entice them to do so, which means you’ll want to get creative here.

Another idea would be creating a resource. This doesn’t have to be a boring brochure, it can be a clever bookmark with 10 tips or things your ideal customer would want or need to know. Something they won’t want to lose track of and might entice them to see if more information like this is available from you. This will keep your brand at the top of their mind when it comes time to invest in solving a problem.

Here are 5 Creative Ways Print Can Grow Your Business:

  • Create an actual resource for your ideal customer that leads them to your website, or a lead magnet for you email list.

  • Consider using print stickers as a way to generate brand awareness, if appropriate for your brand.

  • Create a physical print book that can help establish your authority and generate revenue.

  • Use printed merchandise to build a sense of community, grow brand awareness and generate video.

  • Create a printed thank you letter to valued customers and clients. Who doesn’t love a thank you?

If growing your business is important to you, then you have to be willing to invest in it and the relationship you have with your customers/clients. Giving value upfront matters to people and they respect and appreciate a brand that goes out of their way to do this. It is the reason you see so many marketers and consultants (like me) giving away great information in blog post, webinars and free email courses.  ROI is return on investment… so figure out what makes the most sense for you to invest in, so you can get the return that you are looking for. Print is still a viable option, when used creatively.