5 Ways To Make Your Online Business Look Professional

5 Ways To Make Your Online Business Look Professional
  • Cohesive Brand 

When building an online presence cohesive branding should be a top priority. For example, when looking online for your business your customers should be able to easily identify your brand. In order to keep cohesiveness your logo should be consistent, along with brand colors, and any complimentary fonts. All elements of brand identity should be the same in all platforms to avoid confusion. In avoiding confusion your customers get the right impression of your business. When a brand is not cohesive it can send red flags to shoppers, and decrease credibility. By having a cohesive brand representation on all platforms you ensure credibility with consumers.

  • High Quality Content 

Did you know that 90 percent of all information that is transmitted into our brains is visual information? With today’s technology evolving faster than we can keep up with,  low quality content is a thing of the past, don’t let your business fall behind!

By using high quality content you can make sure not to lose your visitors attention before they have wandered to something else without getting to view your media content. On the contrary you should be using these high quality stock visuals to grasp your users attention, learn to use visuals to your advantage.

Here are some sites with FREE High Quality Content that you should be using today!

    • Unsplash.com
      • Images
    • Pexels.com
      • Images, vectors, and free stock videos.
    • Pixabay.com
      • Images, vectors, and free stock videos.
    • Videezy.com
      • Free stock Footage
  • Great Proofreading 

Although it sounds simple, proofreading is of high importance when it comes to your businesses online presence. A cohesive brand shows professionalism, but that can easily be dented by simple things such as grammar mistakes. Before publishing anything make sure to proofread, and if possible ask someone else to go over your writing. This applies when speaking about a blog post or even the most simple post. Bad grammar can be a sign of many things, and when online it can send off signals that there is not enough importance being put into your grammatically incorrect content.

PRO TIP: If you don’t have an extra set of eyes you can use various programs to spell check, like grammarly which you can easily add as a plug in to your browser.

  • Social Media Engagement 

In case you haven’t noticed, people are on their phones constantly. The Social Media wave came in and it is here to stay, so if you haven’t yet, settle in and jump in! Your online presence is very important when it comes to social media networks. You can use social media as a marketing tool and as part of your marketing strategy.

Social Media gives your brand a voice, this is a chance to showcase what your business is all about. It is an opportunity to humanize your brand and really connect with your audience. In order to do that, you want to be posting as often as you can because you never know what piece of content may build that connection with your audience.

KEEP IN MIND: Connecting with your audience does not mean making a social media account for every social media platform possible. Doing this may hurt more than do any good. Whichever social platforms you decide to be active on, you need to make sure you are active and keeping your users engaged. After all quality matters more than quantity.

  • Up-to-Date Website

Keeping your business website up-to-date is a must. Your website represents you, when consumers are directed to your site they should be able to find all the information that they would have if they go into a physical location. That is, if you don’t want to lose business.

A responsive website is of vital importance because you never know on what devices your audience is viewing your content. Is it a desktop, phone, maybe a tablet? Have you ever been on a website on your phone and you are forced to zoom in to find what you are looking for? That can be time consuming and annoying for the consumer. Having a responsive website allows consumers to view your site on any device. Your website will respond according to the device so that users can view the content comfortably. Not having a responsive website can hurt your business because consumers can easily go back and find a more user-friendly and easy to use site.

Having an out-of-date site can send signals to your audience that you don’t care enough about your business, it shows a lack of professionalism, and even worse it may lead customers to believe that your business might not exist anymore. Your Audience will easily navigate to another site, which is up to date and establishes their credibility on their online presence.

PRO TIP: Don’t fall behind! Updating your content regularly not only establishes your credibility, it also helps your google ranking!