How to Create a Safe Environment in Your Manufacturing Facility

How to Create a Safe Environment in Your Manufacturing Facility

A recent study found that a workplace accident occurs once every 7 seconds in the United States. As the owner of a manufacturing business, you need to focus on keeping your work environment safe. Most businesses operating in the manufacturing sector are just starting to get back to work due to the COVID-19 health crisis. Before opening your facility backup, you need to put a renewed focus on the safety of your employees.

With the help of your team and the right safety equipment, keeping workers safe will be a breeze. Read below for information on how to make your manufacturing facility safer.

Consider the Benefits of Face Shields

If you have lots of team members working in a small space, you need to figure out how to avoid the spread of germs. While face masks are beneficial, some of your employees may not be able to wear them all day. Offering these workers, a great alternative to the face mask is imperative. This is why investing in high-quality face shields is so important.

Not only can these masks help to reduce the spread of germs, they can also protect the face and eyes of employees who have to work around machines all day. A wayward spark or piece of metal can get lodged in the eye of an employee. Instead of leaving your team vulnerable to these types of accidents, you need to consider the benefits of face shields.

The Proper Signage Needs To Be In Place

Most manufacturing facilities are filled with danger. This danger can be increased if you fail to warn your team about the hazards around them. For instance, if there are machines that employees need to stay away from to avoid sparks or other hazards, informing them of this danger with a sign is a good idea. The right signs can also come in handy when trying to inform team members about wet floors or slippery staircases.

Getting the signs you need to keep your team in the loop will require you to find a printing business with experience. Finding out more about a printing company’s reputation and track record can help you figure out if they are the best fit for your needs.

Perform a Risk Assessment Regularly

Informing your team about the dangers in the workplace is only possible when performing a routine risk assessment. You and trusted members of your team will need to inspect the facility and pinpoint any possible risks in the build. As your business grows and new machines are added to your operation, the risks in your building will change. If you don’t have the time or experience needed to perform these risk assessments, hiring professionals to assist you is wise.

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