Three Cool Types of Products from National Printing

Three Cool Types of Products from National Printing

What do we do at National Printing? We produce high-quality, colorful display pieces in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and formats.

When you think of a printing shop, what do you think of it? Maybe you think about presentation binders or large-scale industrial banners, or exterior designs flapping in the wind by a busy highway, on the front of a bustling retail center.

But that’s just part of what we do. Here are three other kinds of products that are more popular than you might think as parts of our regular order fulfillment routine.

Bumper Stickers and Magnets

A bumper sticker is a fundamental way to express yourself if you’re a driver or vehicle owner. It’s an easy way to get your message out to the world, whether you’re stuck in traffic or sitting in a parking lot somewhere.

If you don’t want something so permanent, a magnet allows you to wear your emotions on your sleeve for a specific period of time and then take off the message when you don’t want it publicized anymore. If only you could do that with old tattoos!

We make both of these products with attention to detail and durability so that your bumper stickers and car magnets will stand the test of time.

Window Perforate Items

Another easy way to advertise whatever you want to display is to get window perforate products and roll them onto your window glass.

Attaching these products to home or business windows is simple. We have the necessary equipment to produce these perforated window designs with bold color and crisp, clear graphics, to use a window as a means of advertising whatever you want to say.

Yard Signs

Anyone who has experience working on a political campaign or even just been a cheerleader for a local candidate will understand the value of the yard sign. So do small business owners who need that extra boost of visibility from a successfully completed client project.

While it may seem easy, there are a few design components that are very important for yard signs. They have to be made of the right materials to hold up under inclement weather because most people aren’t going to pull all their yard signs in every time it rains. They also have to fit those convenient metal holders, or whoever owns them is going to be stuck trying to anchor them against the wind.

Check out our banner and sticker and other print designs, and the quality that we offer as a top printer. National Printing has what you need!