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What are we doing to help stop the spread of COVID-19 ? school year has arrived in a blink of an eye. Whether you are a parent, faculty, or a student this years back to school is turning out to be very different than what we have previously experienced. With safety playing a role as the main concern this school year, National Printing has made it our mission to make safety and social distancing our top priority. Given that many campuses have tried to open only to unsuccessfully have to close down and continue school from home, at National Printing we figured out how to make this school year just that much safer.

Our patten-pending sneeze guards are a must for any campus during this pandemic. Our sneeze guards are created for the safety of students and for the tranquility of parents everywhere. Safety measures are proven to reduce the spread of germs, our sneeze guards add a much needed layer of safety and help in minimizing contact.

Sneeze guards are designed for school desks, and can also be customizable for teacher/staff desks. The sneeze guards go around the desk and can move from table to table with no problem.

National Printings first priority is safety, to make sure our children are ready to go back to school as safely as possible this year we have also created a Kid Sized Plastic Face Shield, just another layer of protection made specially for your little ones!