Max Metal Signs

Max Metal Signs

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Max Metal signs consist of two pre-painted aluminum sheets bonded to a solid polyethylene core, making a panel that is around half the weight of solid aluminum. Common uses for printed MaxMetal panels include custom metal signs and signage for indoor and outdoor use, point of purchase displays, exhibits, architectural installations and more.

  • Full color with direct UV imprinting on substrate
  • Aluminum Composite, 0.30 mm
  • Aluminum sheet sandwiching a polyethylene core
  • Indoor and outdoor use


    Q: Will my design be printed on the aluminum sign, or on a decal that goes is then placed on the sign?

    A: We use direct UV printing on each substrate.

    Q:  Can I print on both sides?

    A:  Yes, just choose the double sided print option in order to get print on the backside.

    Q: Can I choose where the holes are drilled?

    A:  Yes, just choose between our pre-drilled hole options on the product page to make your selection.

    Q:  Can you ship any size?

    A:  Currently all sizes except 2 are able to ship, 48"x96" & 60"x120" size are available for local pick up only.

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