MDO (Wood) Signs
MDO (Wood) Signs
MDO (Wood) Signs

MDO (Wood) Signs

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MDO sign board consists of marine-grade wood which is then primed, painted, and sealed for protection.  It is highly moisture resistant and durable with a superior surface quality, helping you make a bold statement to capture the attention of potential customers or effectively communicating an important notice.

***Please note - this product is available for local pick up only, shipping is not available.

  • Full color imprint
  • 0.50" Thickness
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Pre-Primed MDO is a proprietary, thermo-set, acrylic, primed MDO which is applied to Douglas Fir/Hemlock plywood, it is produced with a 2 step layup, a waterproof glue bond
  • Fill, prime and top coat all exposed wood with at least two coats of acrylic, polyurethane or polyurethane-acrylic primers and paints or exterior grade caulking
  • Economical, smooth surface for high quality enamels
  • Superior surface quality and life
  • High strength and screwholding, light weight
  • Very low formaldehyde



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